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Frequently Asked Questions


1)  What is the main product offered

NR Gifts offers two main products and services. Personalized Brass Wax Seals, and the optional Brass Holders that can house them. These can be sold as is, or preferentially within a chosen jewelry type of box. The second service is the wax stamp sealing of your wedding invitations (or other documents).


2)  What makes NRGifts' seals better than other bombonieres

The seals offered by NR Gifts are made of SOLID brass. As such they have a substantial feel when picked. The combination of the wax seal and the solid brass holder weigh over 640 gm  (almost 1.5 lbs). The stamp is not cast or punched, but individually, precision machined. In addition our seals bear not only the initials of each individual guest/couple or customer, but also can include personal messages and/or corporate logos on the opposite surface. the solid brass holder, when optionally included adds further distinction to the gift.


3) Should each guest receive a stamp

While this is possible, we would suggest that the best (and most cost effective) option is to give one stamp to each couple arriving at event. The initials placed on the stamp will usually be the first name initial of the female and male guest in that order. Guests who are arriving alone would receive a stamp to themselves with their first name and last name initials. Children would not normally receive a stamp, but as an option a stamp housed in a novelty type box could be given.

4) Should each guest receive a Solid Brass Holder as well as a stamp

While this would make an ultimate bomboniere, it would likely be outside the price range of most couples. If that is the case, we would suggest offering the wax seal to most of the guests, but the wedding party would be given the combination of the stamp and the Solid Brass Holder.


5) Should all the wax seals be housed in the same jewelry box style

 This is up to the discretion of the bride and groom. Most often a single box style would be offered to most guests, possibly only varying the color. The wedding party could be given some extra distinction by receiving the Solid Brass Holder in addition to the wax seal, housed in the very elegant hardwood styles.


6) Why should my corporation give an NR Gifts wax seal / Brass Holders to my clients

Unlike other gifts commonly given, these have a personal touch. They look expensive, without actually being so, last a lifetime, and offer the advantage that the customer is unlikely to dispose of them. They will most likely keep them on their desk, and as such your corporate logo and contact information will always be close at hand.


6) Are corporate gift suggestions the same as described for weddings previously

While this could be true, we would suggest that corporate gifts would best be given, either as the Solid Brass Holder and stamp in a lower cost box. For the ulltimate gift however we would suggest the total package of the Wax Seal, the Solid Brass Holder, in a high end hardwood jewelry box (view here).


7) Instructions on how to apply sealing wax