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Do It yourself Promotional Package

If you wish to stamp your own envelopes, we are  offering a promotional package which includes a wax seal, sealing wax, and optionally a brass holder, allowing you to stamp you own invitations.

We are offering this promotion, because we are confident that once you see our product, you will be so impressed, you will wish to give one to each of your guests (with their own initials on it) as a wedding bomboniere.

The package includes:

  • a wax seal with your desired initials on it (2 or 3 letters)

  • Flexible sealing wax in multiples sufficient for 50 envelopes. Colors available include burgundy, silver, gold, red, and navy blue

  • An optional brass holder to store your wax seal when not in use. In order to fully appreciate the beauty of the seal, we would recommend you include the holder in your order

  • Items are packaged in a bronze color NR103 jewelry box

  • Cost of promotional  package wax seal (and wax for 50 invitations) refunded if purchase >50 wax seals for wedding favors within one year (35$ value).


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