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Combination Logo + Single Stroke Font

Double Stroke calligraphic font


Any text may be represented on the back of the stamp, space permitting. The size of the font will result in few permitted characters across the back face of the stamp. As normal Windows PC True Type fonts are used, customers can create their own messages on their own word processor and email it to us for incorporation into the stamp.

Single stroke fonts are represented on the left - each letter requires one pass to be created. Outline fonts are preferred when large fonts are to be created, or for certain corporate logos. Note that all true type fonts are outline fonts by definition, however we edit them to create a single stroke representation.

Suggestions / Info

  • the stamp back allows for an area of about 1" square (this takes into account a 0.05" margin). The Solid Brass Holder has about 2.4x1.9" of engravable area - allowing a lot more detail to be included
    • on the wax seal, it is recommended that the number of characters be limited to about 15-18 maximum per line, and maximum 6-7 lines per stamp
  • smaller size fonts should ideally be single stroke type
  • larger fonts - or corporate logos may look more appealing as outline fonts
    • outline fonts require more time to create and as such may incur an added cost (see pricing information for details)

View the complete list of currently available fonts (6.5 Mb file)